About A Cleaver T-shirt

We make clever things, like T-shirts! Well… while T-shirts are clever, we more focused on the phrases on them…

Growing up, my mom worked at a local monthly newspaper.

She was in the graphic design department. I remember going to her work (*this was in the foothills of Connecticut). The place was on a river it was old wooden building… This is before they had computers. So the office was filled with people cutting and snipping paper, preparing the black-and-white magazine for copy and print. I would sit and watch her design and work.

I found the process fascinating. The process of design, the process of print. Of course since then (*the early 80s) till now, technology has taking huge leaps. From what was once a long process of design involving rulers and pens, can now be simplified. You can wake up with a vision, design it, and print, all in a matter of an hour. Just amazing!!

All that being said, I never thought I’d end up in the design business. Our main focus in business is web design and SEO. However we have some pretty clever people here, we are always inspired by witty humor, modern events, and just like to have fun.

We hope you enjoy the designs imprints on this page.

If you would like to see a design on another piece of apparel, such as a hat or mug, or even a picture for wall, or on another color T-shirt, let us know we love to help you!

Thanks for getting clever together with us us!

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